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Business: Mini Supermarket.
Location: Molo town.
Years in Operation: 3 years.
Amount Needed: $ 200



Peter Chege Kamau is a business man in Molo town and owns a mini supermarket, which he started in 2014 with a capital of 500 dollars. He is patient and focused, attributes that have enabled him grow his business.

Impact of loan:

He has one employee and his stock currently worth about 3,000 dollars. His business has grown tremendously even with stiff competition and offers MPESA and Equity Bank financial services. His vision is to own one of the largest supermarkets in Molo town.

Molo being a cosmopolitan town, Chege highlights the fact that the loan he has improved his life in general and that of his family. He has also grown his network to some good extent exposing and preparing him towards his ultimate vision.