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Ecozoom Jikos

It is in view of our mission to facilitate the mobilization of savings and provision of cost effective financial and non financial products and services to our members in Kenya and beyond that we partnered with EcoZoom.

EcoZoom is a social enterprise that sells clean and affordable cook stoves and other health improving/energy devices in developing countries. We have so far sold and distributed close to a hundred EcoZoom jikos and EcoZoom Solar Lights to our members. The retail prices are ksh3900 for Jiko Bora, Ksh3100 for Jiko Fresh, KSH4500 EcoZoom Radio Lamp and Ksh6000 EcoZoom Multi-light. The pricing is inclusive of all program cost; delivery, before and after services. Our clients can opt to buy on cash terms or monthly installments depending on their financial abilities. All of these products have a 2 year warranty save for the Jiko Fresh which has a 1 year warranty. They are long lasting and can last a lifetime of 2-5 years. The solar lights are Lighting Global approved.

Our members are low income earners who find great need for every penny. The high efficiency EcoZoom jikos enable them to save money every time they cook, as they save up to 70% on charcoal which translate to an average of USD200 a year . Aside from being good for the environment, they improve lives as they emit 60% less smoke and cook faster than the normal jiko. Users have commended the fact that they can cook anything on it and how friendly it is to their cooking pans and pots. Rachel Muthoni one of the members who uses the jiko says, " With the jiko, I am able to cook githeri (a mixture of boiled maize and beans) within half the time I would use with a normal jiko. When I am done cooking for my family at night, I leave a pot of water on the jiko which uses its retained heat to boil it for my morning use. Jiko Bora is the best investment I have made for my kitchen."

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