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Jael Obunyasi

Jael Obunyasi is a mother of two and lives in a small village of Nyakach in Kisumu County which is in the western region of Kenya. 

Jael took her first loan of $400 to boost her business of selling plastic items like chairs, washing basins e.t.c in the small trading center of Nyakach. She repaid her first loan in duration of six months by making equal weekly installments through Mpesa mobile technology.

Nyakach village has a serious water problem since the region is semi-arid. Talking to Jael, she tells me she takes 2hrs 30 minutes to go fetch water and get back home. She ends up spending the entire morning to get water before she can open her shop after mid-day.

Jael applied for a second loan of $900 to purchase a 5,000 liters water tank and boost her business stock.  She realized that with the water tank in place, she can harvest the rain water for domestic use and this will enable her to open her shop early in the morning since she doesn’t have to travel for long distance anymore to go and fetch water. This has enabled her business to realize more sales since nowadays the shop is open for more hours compared to months before hence her business has recorded a significant growth.

Once she clears her second loan, she intends to take another loan to purchase two more tanks to harvest more water and be able to do small scale farming through use of drip irrigation.