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Emma Wambui is a business lady in Kitale town running a financial agency in the heart of Kitale town. She is a vibrant young woman with a vision of conquering many in her field of expertise.


As you speak to her you realize that she is both persuasive and a go getter.

Emma and her husband started the business in 2008 selling and distributing credit both in wholesale and retails basis. At that time they had a personal savings of $1,000 which they ploughed into their new venture offering m-pesa services to their customers.

They have been able to introduce a tailoring shop within the premise, designing curtains, dresses, gowns and even wedding flowers and decorations. This was made possible thanks to the help of the last loan she acquired of $1,000. She has three tailors and one agency attendant.
Now that her agency business has picked up she intends to increase her tailoring business, venturing into event management. She is optimistic that her future and that of their business is bright.