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Janes Boutique

I grew up in Kibomet, Kitale town located in western region of Kenya. 

Life was very difficult as our parents did not have enough money to educate us all and they were only able to educate us up to secondary level. Being the first born in a family of six, I had a great role to play taking care of my siblings in a bid to help my parents. I tried many jobs and saved some money to start a small business of selling second hand clothes in highly populated Kiminini town in the outskirts of Kitale town. I have been doing the business since 2005 and I have faced a lot of challenges trying to manage finances both for my family and the business.

Since receiving the loan, my business has improved tremendously. I have been able to open up a stall and expand my business hence resulting to more sales.  I am now able to increase my savings, able to feed my family and access to health care has improved.